WALDWEG is musically Atmospheric Black Metal act from the land of Perugia, Italy. The band was formed back in August 2013 by Wald (drums), Ulv (guitar), Der Kalte Spitze (guitar) and Sonnenrad (voice)... and managed to release a self-titled “Waldweg” debut demo CD-R. It consisted of 5 tracks that the band claimed as the sound of desperation! The demo has been recently previewed on Black Metal Underground Promotion. Due to the nature and greatness they have in their music, GRAVESOUND approached the band with an interview.

LIFELORN adalah sebuah band Post-Black Metal dari Kuala Lumpur dijalankan oleh A secara sendirian. Dibentuk sekitar 2009, projek solo ini secara muzikal adalah adunan genre Depressive Rock dan Ambient Black Metal berinspirasikan band seperti Burzum (Norway) dan Happy Days (AS). Pada 28 Mei 2013, ragile Branch Recordings telah mengeluarkan EP dari LIFELORN berjudul "Katalis Sebuah Obsesi" dalam format kaset. Kemudian, bertarikh 26 Januari 2014, LIFELORN melancarkan pula sebuah rilisan secara digital bergelar "Torn". Bagi mendapatkan penjelasan lanjut tentang LIFELORN dan keluaran-keluaran projek ini, kita bersama A menghuraikan segala pertanyaan..

18.08.2013: NECROSADIK – interview with Necrosadik
August 15, 2013 is the day NECROSADIK celebrated its 5th anniversary! Brilliantly, within those 5 years of magnificent existence, Necrosadik managed to release 10 full-length albums. It has been said the 11th album is on the way too. Besides, there are numerous EP’s, splits, compilations and also 3 box-sets so far under his belt. It seems never ends, even more will be out from the sick, tormented and chotic mind of Necrosadik! Necrosadik is like a sadistic and masochistic nightmare of razorblades. Necrosadik is just for twisted, hopeless and lifeless minds. Necrosadik is not music, Necrosadik is the pure painful expression of thoughts. There are more about Necrosadik. To know better about this Pure Chaotic, Depressive and Narrow-Minded Black Metal from Mexico, let hear what Necrosadik (all vocals, music, instruments, lyrics, screams, pain and fucking arrogance!!) have to say… this interview

17.08.2013: BARTHAFAH – Black Metal Malaysia
Pasti ramai yang membantah dan menolak kemasukan ideologi NS dalam muzik Black Metal. Di Malaysia sendiri konsep ini kurang diterima dan mereka adalah minoriti yang bergerak dalam ruang-lingkup tersendiri. BARTHAFAH adalah sebuah projek one-man-band yang cukup berani untuk tampil dengan teori NSBM. Sekitar 2012 mereka mengeluarkan sebuah promo berjudulkan "Sacrifice for National Socialist". Ikuti sebuah interview dijawab ringkas oleh BARTHAFAH… this interview

16.08.2013: WINTERCOLD – interview with William Satanic Tony
WINTERCOLD is from Sala, Sweden created back in 2008. This is one of the bands/projects activated by a multi-instrumentalist musician known as William Satanic Tony. WINTERCOLD has already released 4 full-length albums thus far, the latest one entitled "Mors Solum Inceptum Est". It has been said that they’re now working on the fifth album. Besides, WINTERCOLD also unleashed numerous titles of Promo, Demo, EP, Split and compilation! The most recent is a 2-track single “From my Silent Tomb” released on 1st August 2013. A lot of good things about WINTERCOLD. William Satanic Tony (all instruments, programming, chants & vocals) really has more to reveal… this interview

13.08.2013: FILSUFATIA – interview with Deep
FILSUFATIA is not new in Malaysian Metal scene. This one-man-band was formed back in 2005 and have been constantly releasing demos ever since. While others are eagerly into Evil and Satanic forms of Black Metal, Filsufatia chose and moved with pride on the paths of depressive and melancholic metal. Some of the most recent releases from Filsufatia are; “Buried Beneath & Forgotten” re-released on cassette by Fragile Branch Recordings, “Fallen Leaves In A Tide of Sorrow” split with Twilight Fauna unleashed through Spectrelight Recordings, and a great 8-track demo entitled “Melancholia, A Burden Too Much To Bear”. Well, here’s a talk with Deep, the mastermind of Filsufatia… this interview

05.08.2013: SAUTS ALASTOR – interview with Wil Alastor
SAUTS ALASTOR  was formed in 1996 by Shaharoth and Wil Astagoth, later joined by Arca S. Modiac and Yan Sontoloyor to start a Black Metal bloodlines hailing from Subang Jaya, PJ Malaysia. Influenced musically by the godfathers of Bathory (Blood-Fire-Death), old Metallica, Slayer, Kreator and Sodom, fueled and inspired by the movements of Scandinavian black death metal scenes and releases, worth to mention are the likes of Mayhem, Dissection, Darkthrone, Enslaved, Satyricon and the reigning Emperor. Thus a pact had been sealed, sworn had been made, ready to pave and follow the choosen path by our forefathers and bloodlines predecessors, only a few dare to follow. Wil Alastor catched and Sauts Alastor interviewed...

02.08.2013: MAUGRIM – interview with Åleksånder
MAUGRIM from US/Belgium consists of Åleksånder (vocals, ambience, snyths, field recordings, acoustic guitar) and Élan (drums, guitars, field recordings, piano, backup vocals). Musically they started as a Dark / Fantasy Ambient project but now shifted more into Ritualistic / Depressive Black Metal, influenced by nature, nostalgia and the unknown themes. MAUGRIM has recently released two EPs; "Nothing, Bare" and "A Premature Slaughter, In An Age of Torment" in April 2013. Both albums are now available for free download off of their bandcamp. Here’s a talk with Åleksånder, on behalf of MAUGRIM.

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