2 October 2015

WALDWEG – The sound of desperation!

WALDWEG is musically Atmospheric Black Metal act from the land of Perugia, Italy. The band was formed back in August 2013 by Wald (drums), Ulv (guitar), Der Kalte Spitze (guitar) and Sonnenrad (voice)... and managed to release a self-titled “Waldweg” debut demo CD-R. It consisted of 5 tracks that the band claimed as the sound of desperation! The demo has been recently previewed on Black Metal Underground Promotion. Due to the nature and greatness they have in their music, GRAVESOUND approached the band with an interview. – Interviewed by Nathseer Maqâbir (September 2014)

Tell us more about the background of WALDWEG; band history, line-up and musicstyle?
WALDWEG is Den Berg Empor (Guitar) - Ulv (Guitar and Bass) - Wald (Drums) and Sonnenrad (Voice). We formed in August 2013 by the strange union of two split up bands; DREARY NIGHTSPIRIT who played Black Metal and DESERT DOOM DRIVERS who played Doom Metal. We play Raw Depressive and Atmospheric Black Metal.

WALDWEG recently released selftitled debut demo CDR so please let us know further about this release?
Our demo is a mixture of cold and depressive atmospheres with instrumental acoustic lines. We don’t  have a exact form of composition or bands to follow, we just want to express our misanthropic feelings with our music and we don’t care about anything.

WALDWEG - selftitled (Demo)
1. In lontananza Riappaio (6:02)
2. Rugiada (2:49)
3. Dall'argenteo Confine (6:53)
4. Herbst (5:52)
5. Una Lama nel Gelo (3:56)

What inspired WALDWEG both musically and lyrically?
We are inspired by human emotions like hate, loneliness and misanthropy. We think that  black metal of 90’s summed up well these concepts in different ways... Our lyrics are written in Italian in honor of our glorious Umbrian territory.

When and where the demo get recorded? Do you satisfy with the end result? What to be improved for the next releases?
The demo was recorded in a garage with a simple multitrack recorder. We are satisfied with the final result, we don’t seek the perfect sound... looking for the perfect sound in black metal is not a primary thing; often a raw recording expresses very well the sorrow that true black metal should express. 

Do you have new material and plan for the next releases?
We are in the process of writing new material, we already have something but still does not express all the pain that we would like to express  ..so... have to wait a few months.

How do your new songs differ from tracks in the demo?
We have in mind some ideas extremely cold and putrid but with melodic lines well defined; maybe we will use the keyboards in depressive mode.

Does WALDWEG play live shows? 
Absolutely no, we play the sound of isolation and solitude.

How does Italian "underground" Black Metal scene look like nowadays?
Certainly there is an underground scene in Italy, We are in contact with some true spirit black metal bands... but  in general there is no black metal culture in Italy.

Final words if any? 
Thanks for the interview.

That’s it. Thanks WALDWEG for answering and replying this quite brief conversation. Hope the information will satisfy everyone who read this and support the band. For those who interested to get in touch with WALDWEG, do drop your message to email: waldweg@outlook.it or visit their audiopage: soundcloud.com/waldweg.

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