2 October 2015

FILSUFATIA - "RegretMMXV" Demo 2015

Released 13 June 2015. This demo consists of the re-recording of the band's debut, "The Euphony of Regression" which was released way back in 2006. The original demo contains 3 tracks with one intro. "RegretMMXV" contains the three (3) original songs from the debut with a more updated sound and a fresher twist. The remaining songs are new tracks recorded for the demo.

"Our ninth demo, RegretMMXV, is actually a re-recording of the band's debut demo, The Euphony of Regression (hence the title Regret 2015) which was originally released in 2006. Three of the original tracks which were redone were the first, second and the fifth song (The Heir to the Neverending, My Enmity in Dying Notes and The Storyteller and His Cold Dawn respectively). We took note that the sound is a little bit too different from our previous works but back in 2006 the band was still a quasi industrial symphonic black metal one man band. The remaining 5 songs were composed so as to be in sequence of the original three. We would like to thank those who have bought the demo. We hope that youve enjoyed the songs. All hail the Malayshvn Deprehvn!" - Deep (all instruments and programmings).

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