9 May 2014

MORAR - Chants of Ossian

Mysterious? Well, I don’t really know where the band from? On the bandcamp it said Greenland while the metal-archives.com mentioned they’re International. Wherever fuck it is, MORAR is here to executes sophisticated Black Metal for all and none exclusively!

“Chants of Ossian” is the debut EP from MORAR released by Greece’s underground Black Metal label, NEBULAR WINTER PRODUCTIONS (Cat.No: NWP04). Unleashed on cassette tape format, the album contains 5 tracks (with total playing time more than 26 minutes), as follows:

01 - Chants of Ossian
02 - O, Morar
03 - Four Stones
04 - Thy Fame
05 - Of the Fallen

As per declared, MORAR plays sophisticated Black Metal for all and none exclusively! Well, after few listening, I can say that MORAR delivers Melodic Black Metal, blown out with really firm and superb melodies! Riffs are greatly composed and structured, exploring both destructive and distinctive routes, pounding drum-blasts and infernal scream-vocals! A perfect Black Metal record I must say!

“Chants of Ossian” released in professional duplicated on C-75 black cassettes, comes with 2 panels cover and 2 side label stickers, and strictly limited to 100 hand-numbered copies. I found that this is an excellent EP by an inconspicuous band. If you’re looking for well-played and intensely sounded Melodic Black Metal, this is highly recommended for you!


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