9 May 2014

EWIGEIS - Daupuz

Germany’s EWIGEIS is back with their third demo entitled “Daupuz” (2014). Formed somewhere back on 2008, EWIGEIS previously released “Wolfsmond” (Demo 2009) and “Abgrund” (Demo 2011). This new one “Daupuz” released on January 31st, 2014 by Greece’s underground Black Metal label, NEBULAR WINTER PRODUCTIONS (Cat.No: NWP06). Unleashed on cassette tape format, the album contains 3 tracks (with total playing time approximately 15 minutes), as follows:

01 - Daupuz
02 - ...wie Schnee
03 - Seelensplitter

From the 3 tracks I listened through this demotape, I could concluded that their music of EWIGEIS is astonishing sort of artistic, cold and grim Black Metal entangled with lots of diversity, aggressions and outstanding melancholic passages! The band managed to create and apply combination of speed and slowness very well!

“Daupuz” released in professional duplicated on clear cassettes, comes with 2 panels cover and 2 side label stickers, exclusively limited to 100 hand-numbered copies. Of all, EWIGEIS is a reminiscence of nostalgic Black Metal influenced by the Scandinavian scene of the middle 90's. Absolutely!


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