6 December 2013


International Raw antichrist Black Metal band LUCIFERIAN BLOOD consists of 3 members from 3 different countries; Sweden, Malta and Australia is currently released their debut demo on Colombian label WINTER FOREST PRODUCTIONS. "Satan Death Hell" includes 3 songs, released 50 copies in Tape version and 20 copies in CD-R version. For more information and purchasing, please contact winterforestp@hotmail.com or www.facebook.com/WinterForestProductions. Also visit winterforestp.wix.com/winterforestp for details.

Other edition of "Satan Death Hell" also available through a German label ASCHEFRUEHLING RECORDS in a limited full-coloured version 33 copies in DVD case format. Do check this edition at: www.facebook.com/AschefruehlingRecords

Other Tape format of this debut demo also released on the underground label Noize Black Musik Manifestation. Get your copy and support. Email noizeblakkdistribution@gmail.com or log on noizeblakkdistribution.blogspot.se

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