4 December 2013

KHRISTENN CORPSE "Grotesque" Released Through Misanthropic Spirit Records

KHRISTENN CORPSE is from Venezuela and musically plays the music what they called as Melodic Porn Black Metal. This 6-piece band consists of Lhysta - Lead Vocals, Rheblys - Keys / Synths & Arrangements, Cuarthym - Drums, Kain - Guitars, Krocell - Guitars, and Hephestion - Bass.

KHRISTENN CORPSE is recently released an album entitled "GROTESQUE" through Misanthropic Spirit Records. The album includes 10 tracks of pure extreme Black Metal tunes, violent sex themes and impure synthesizer characteristics! The tracklist are as follows:

01. Erotic Transmigrations 
02. Impure Sex Devotion
03. Dawn for the Unglory
04. Eroticult Goreholocaust
05. A Pornsence Origins
06. The Merrick Postlude
07. Ages of Laethoras
08. Nacht Labyrinth
09. Apostle of the Sacred Death
10. Deep Heaven Extinction

KHRISTENN CORPSE is currently seeking for label (people) to spread "Grotesque" in Europe and rest of the world. 


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