4 December 2013

A LAND BEYOND THE SEA - Black Metal from Lahti and Tampere, Finland

A Land beyond the Sea - the place of longing and hope. Hope for a new life which leaves the old, plague and danger-ridden old existence behind. But the journey is filled with dangers and the new home in a hostile environment. May God help to endure these pains?

A Land beyond the Sea was founded in early 2012 by Nikolas Sellheim after he had been absent from the music scene for several years due to his studies. Initially thought to be a solo project for making music that is both epic and harsh, it became clear fairly quickly that other members are needed. Jarkko Rintee joined shortly after the first four songs were written and demo-recorded to take over vocal duties. Slowly the idea formed to turn the project into a real band, since for the recordings of the first demo, Lie in Ruin’s Aki Koskinen teamed up with Jarkko and Nikolas to play drums. Ville Valli joined the band during the summer, followed by Chainwreck’s Sonny Jonasson from Sweden and Tomi Saalanto during the fall. The band was then complete and rehearsals began to record the first EP – “Weltenwanderer”.

Musically, “Weltenwanderer” is strongly influenced by Black Metal of the 1990s, while also more modern elements are included. The record describes the journey to a new world – escaping from oppression. Set some time in the 16th or so century, the new world is seen to provide wealth and hope for the escapees. Accompanied by Christianity, the newly discovered lands are quickly taken and the belief forcibly spread upon the local indigenous population. But the main protagonist is filled with doubt, as he sees the harmony in which the indigenous live and the brutality with which those seeking a new home, a peaceful world, push their own religion. He begins to sink into self-doubt and starts to question the existence of a God as such when seeing the indigenous realm of peace fall prey to the sword of Christ. He distances himself from all that is around him as he realizes that all humans are equal as we walk the same Earth and breathe the same air. But it is too late for him... he has found peace in this land beyond the sea.

Nikolas Sellheim - Guitars, Didgeridoo, Vocals and Synths
Tomi Saalanto - Guitars
Ville Valli - Bass
Aki Koskinen - Drums
Jarkko Rintee - Vocals, Synths
Sonny Jonasson - Vocals


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