3 August 2013

WINTERCOLD - From my Silent Tomb (Single 2013)

WINTERCOLD is a one-man-band from Sala, Sweden established since 2008, and activated by William Satanic Tony, a multi-talented musician. I know him and his ingenuity also with other bands/projects such as Demorian, Curse of Wotan, Darkness Finder, to name a few. Well, "From my Silent Tomb" is the most recent output from Wintercold, a signal release for upcoming split with Fortress Of Thanatos (Philippines) and a new 5th full-length album. It contains two tracks; From my Silent Tomb (4:17) and Stuck in a Illusion (3:44). Musicwise, the music delivered by Wintercold is basically Death / Thrash Metal riffs entangled with of Black / Doom Metal senses and element of Dark Atmospheric and Neofolk hither and thither, within the tracks. First track From my Silent Tomb is fairly an aggressive song, consists of progressive riffs and also innovative parts. Second track Stuck in a Illusion is abit slower, enriched with dark and atmospheric moods. I really adore the vocal parts. Diverse voice approaches; not only the classic growlings, but also clean singings and chantings on parts. "From my Silent Tomb" is overall an avant-garde release! This 2-track Single 2013 was released on 1st August 2013 through a remarkable underground label Salute Records, the label which also managed by William Satanic Tony. 


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