2 August 2013


Indonesian Doom/Depressive Black Metal one-man-band NORTHORN announced that "Reflection of Sorrow" EP 2012 was re-released by Depressive Illusions Records (Ukraine). "R.O.S" was originally released just 45 copies in December 2012, in our Manado, North Celebes, Indonesia. Northorn, the mastermind said, "We difficult to move and spread this project, often because the facilities etc. I live hard, do not have guitars and another equipment, but I just want to spread this, then my friends borrowed me equipment to recorded R.O.S, first released, I use a picture of "waruga" (ancient minahasan tombstone) for cover album for the CD-R, but then when I join Depressive Illusions Records, I send another pictures for the cover album because the new cover album was pretty fix with the tracks, that's the pictures of my arms... the reason why I re-released again because when released on 2012, according to me, the mixing of all tracks isn't good, so i try to remixed it again, and send just 4 tracks to Depressive Illusions Records". 

R.O.S 2012 Original tracklist
01. Dibawah menhir pt.II
02. Reflection of sorrow
03. Painted of cold heart
04. Whisper of an old funeral
05. Desperate of moonlight
06. The sound of a black heart

R.O.S 2013 D.I.R version
01. Reflection of sorrow
02. Painted of cold heart
03. Whisper of an old funeral
04. Desperate of moonlight


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