13 August 2013

GRAVENEWS: NEROPULSAR released "In the shadow of that Cross" EP

Italian Black Metal/DSBM band NEROPULSAR has recently released an EP entitled "In the shadow of that Cross". NEROPULSAR consists of Malphas (Vocals, Bass & Lyrics) and Kodmar (Guitars, Keyboards & Programming). "In the shadow of that Cross" released on August 7th, 2013 with 6 tracks included, as follows:

1. A Virgin for Baphomet (3:09)
2. The Eiaculation of Goatgod (7:04)
3. Follow the Rain (9:03)
4. The Cat and the Monster (8:12)
5. The Sun No Longer Shines (4:57)
6. Our Gift (outro) (0:49)


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