3 August 2013

GRAVENEWS: NAJAND "8 Years of Mourning" (Dual DVD-ROM set)

After much confusion and delay we are proud to bring you the mother ov all compendium releases! Here we have the compleat back catalogue ov the one-man Depressive Black Metal project Najand on two DVD discs in a DVD style case!

This set spans a full 8 years from the formative 2005 release "Silence, Agony Death" to the highly evolved "Death! Best Solution when Life Ruins!" (2012).

Undeniably seated in the DBM domain, the styles range from beautiful ambient keyboard & piano pieces to raw, high-end dominant Black Metal. There is also some ov that hollow, cavernous sounding BM thrown in for good measure too. Authentic, yet good quality production and a dark and sombre atmosphere that might even bring a tear to Varg Vikernes' eye!

We must warn you that this release is NOT cheap! But when it's considered that there are 8 full-length albums here, some ov which are in excess ov 15 tracks, it is surely our best value for money release yet.

If you are a hardened DBM fan then this is simply a mandatory purchase. Or maybe you're just wetting your toes with this genre? Again, this collection will get you off to a great start!

Label: Satanica Productions
Release Date: August 2nd, 2013


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