16 August 2013

WINTERCOLD – interview with William Satanic Tony

WINTERCOLD is from Sala, Sweden created back in 2008. This is one of the bands/projects activated by a multi-instrumentalist musician known as William Satanic Tony. WINTERCOLD has already released 4 full-length albums thus far, the latest one entitled "Mors Solum Inceptum Est". It has been said that they’re now working on the fifth album. Besides, WINTERCOLD also unleashed numerous titles of Promo, Demo, EP, Split and compilation! The most recent is a 2-track single “From my Silent Tomb” released on 1st August 2013. A lot of good things about WINTERCOLD. William Satanic Tony (all instruments, programming, chants & vocals) really has more to reveal…

Hello William Satanic Tony, how are you and how’s thing going on around you lately?
Full time work as usual, I guess most people nowdays are used with hearing me say that all the time Anyway I have recently recorded and released a whole new single that came out 1th of august on Salute Records and in some week from now I also will have a whole new split CD out together with the black/doom band Fortress of Thanatos that I specially wanted to do it with as they plays and sounds much like my own band. That band is from Philippines and the whole thing makes it more unique that way too. In some month Wintercold also will release the fifth full length album "untitled" so far. I also have full time work with my label and all other bands/projects I am active in so time for nothing does not really exist here. I am also a proud father of six kids and I also became granddad last year. So life is kind of full.

For those who never knows WINTERCOLD, please introduce whatever you want about this project?
Wintercold is first of all a experimental dark metal band and from the first step played more gothic inspired black/doom metal and was setup in early 2008. Band have from that date released three demos, four albums, one split CD and two singles/ep´s. The more and more time has passed I have felt more and more of bring in more elements and influences from other genres as thrash/speed, death metal to neofolk and more atmospheric black metal. I guess if I would describe the music better myself it is like a mixture of both atmospheric black metal and thrasier/filthy doom metal with lots of progressive stuff in it. Lyrics is much about life itself, death (that is one of my biggest inspirations with special reasons too behind it), depression, anti christianity, history, the unknown, philosophy, religion of all kinds and mother earth and the whole universe and all that is beyond it. I have a very deep view on much things and that often ends up in my way of writing songs. Some bands that have inspired me is Samael, Saint Vitus, Illapa, Kyuss, a doom, Black Sabbath, Bathory, Revenge, Doomsword, Burzum, Type O Negative, Tiamat, Unholy, Treblinka, Black Widow, Katatonia, Winter, Nokturnal Mortum, Zemial, Kay Pacha, Nocturnus, Voivod, Skog, Nocra, Cry, Burn The Water, Sodom, Hellhammer, Apraxia and Celtic Frost.

In February 2013, WINTERCOLD released an album "Mors Solum Inceptum Est". How was the response and reviews you got for this 4th full-length from WINTERCOLD?
That one was first released on Satanica Productions (NZ) in september 2012 and also in october on Fall Into Void Records (Austria) in a very limited special edition and in february 2013 it also came out on a french label in dvd digi pack. So it is released by three labels so far and the respond have been much better than with any of the earlier releases am I pretty sure of. The reviews so far have been positive.

"Mors Solum Inceptum Est" available from 3 different labels; Satanica Productions (New Zealand), Fall Into Void Records (Austria) and Nihil Interit (France). Clarify something on this matter?
The answer says it self when you plays in a underground band and plays a music form that is sometime much harder to reach out with you tries the best ways to have it out and try to find so many alternatives and possibilities to bring your music out to so many as possible. And with that album I think I did it good.

On 1st August 2013, WINTERCOLD unleashed a SINGLE entitled "From my Silent Tomb". Let us know your personal opinions about this 2-track single?
First of all it was not meant to come out at all. The thing is that I have a planned split coming also, but after I did those two tracks in middle of everything I felt that it could be a good idea of have those out as a single before the next album and the split comes. Also as a little taste for people to hear that I can handle many different ways in music. Even if my biggest inspiration comes from black metal I also burns a lot for classic heavy metal and much doom metal as well. When it comes to death metal I am much more selective as I think there is too much bands that sounds like so many others. The single have lots of atmospheric black metal elements in it, but the truth is that I had also a big inspiration from Type O Negative when I did it as well. Maybe because of my "young" age (irony).

The SINGLE made out by your own label, SALUTE RECORDS. Introduce in brief about your label...
Yeah that´s right, I felt it more easier to just release it that way instead of asking lots of labels first and then wait for answers. Anyway, the label Salute Records have been going on since december 2007 to be exact, but as a real 100% active label since spring 2008. And I have released probably around a couple of hundred bands so far, I am in fact a bit unsure of some exact number, it is too many as it have grown and grown thru the years. The label supports firstly black and death metal bands (included sub genres of it), but I also produces also all from regular heavy metal, thrash to more ambient/industrial and experimental music as well. Some bands have I not always liked so much myself (when it comes to their music), but I have released them and helped them anyway as I knows that there is always some people out there that really enjoys music that for some is not maybe music at all. So I dont really judge a band and their music like others as I try to see the overall impression in their music. But for at least 95% of everything I hears I often likes a lot. I have a very wide musical taste and can listen to it all. I am a probably a very open minded person that not always works like many others out there as I accepts mostly all kind of genres. When other labels dont want a band they often comes to me as I often can help them on the way. Even if it can be from just distributing their music and band, but also to releasing them. Unfortunately cant I release and help all bands, but I always have tried my best.

There might be some people didn’t really understand about the music of WINTERCOLD. How do you define and describe the music of this band?
Hmm, hard question as I have problem myself to do it, but as I said earlier I guess it could best be described as funeral dark atmospheric black/doom metal with some neofolk influences. But on the next album will also people hear some thrash and old school speed metal elements. To name the genre more simple I would just like to call it experimental dark metal

How about lyrical conceptions in WINTERCOLD?
Lyrics is much about life itself, death (that is one of my biggest inspirations with special reasons too behind it), depression, anti christianity, history, war, pagan beliefs, living and dead friends around me, religion of all kinds and mother earth and the whole universe and all that is beyond it. See more in the answer I did in question two.

As said, you decided to release a new single with your band WINTERCOLD before the new coming split with FORTRESS OF THANATOS. Tell us something about this Doom/Black Metal band from the Philippines, and the split entitled "When the Moon is There...."?
The coming split will be something very unique as I personally thinks that this band from Philippines deserves much more attention than they got and they does not sound at all like all other bands of black metal or doom. Just like my own music in Wintercold is their music also own, unique and truly dark with a big experimental touch in it. I personally really looking forward to this release and hope that others also will enjoy it. It will also come in two different front covers, one is made by me and the other one is made by the vocalist in Fortress of Thanatos. I will contribute with six tracks for this split and two of them was recorded late winter/earlier this year and the other four ones is made during this summer so people will only get new music from me as all is from this year.

WINTERCOLD is also going to release a new album, should be 5th full-length right? Share something with us about this new coming masterpiece?
Those who have heard the promo/demo I released earlier this year knows what they will get except for one thing and that is that the whole cover art will be drawn and painted by a guy and good friend from South Africa that have worked with this thing for a couple of months now. Some changes will also be made and a last thing is that this album will also include most everything that stands for Wintercold and the music I do. If you likes it raw, fast, slow, dark, thrashy and mystic with lots of melodic parts this will be something for you out there.

Anything you can say about "Invoke the Ancient Forces" Promo/Demo 2013?
Haha, yeah I can, it was a very limited promo and only 30 copies were made and both the front and the back cover was made by myself and honestly am I really bad on painting and drawing, but I did it anyway for this one. Wanted it being unique and own and that is what it is. And the promo/demo is probably one of the longest productions I have personally made that comes from myself.

How’s the Black / Death / Ambient music scene in Sala, Sweden?
There is not really any kind of good black or death metal scene here so to say. Most bands here plays more like typical nu metal, power metal, hip hop and Linkin Park likely music or cover songs. Except for the bands I am involved in myself is there just a few ones I can mention that is a bit good even if it is not extreme metal music. Those are Sour System, Steel Attack and Carnal Forge, those are not really only based in Sala, but have the main roots here. Earlier old bands that comes from this city that maybe some people would recognize is old In Thy Dreams, Wombbath, Harvey Wallbanger, Slow Death, Disgrace, Necromanser, Widow, Vanessa, Killteam, Nightfall. List can be longer as it have always existed a lot of bands from this little town, but as I said, today it is the wrong type of it and like it looks today is the good old days over for good. But bands that I am active in or active with in some other way is first Wintercold, Demorian, Curse of Wotan, Voxra, Magiska Krafter (that is a international band), Darkness Finder, Autunno (international band) and also the whole new band Luciferian Blood that is a three piece black metal band with me on voice and includes members from australia and malta, this band have been secret until now. I try myself to keep the flame and true underground spirit alive here and I hope of doing it many more years.

Final thoughts please!
Support the underground movement, music, labels, bands, zines, local gigs or whatever it can be. The big scene with all bigger and known bands does not need your support the same way as the smaller and underground does so it is up to you if you still want to see and hear good underground artists grow and stay alive. Together we are strong, together we all can survive. Thanks for a great interview, thanks to all people that support Wintercold and a big thanks to you all who still believes in the true underground spirit. Hails & salute to all!

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