2 August 2013

MAUGRIM – interview with Åleksånder

MAUGRIM from US/Belgium consists of Åleksånder (vocals, ambience, snyths, field recordings, acoustic guitar) and Élan (drums, guitars, field recordings, piano, backup vocals). Musically they started as a Dark / Fantasy Ambient project but now shifted more into Ritualistic / Depressive Black Metal, influenced by nature, nostalgia and the unknown themes. MAUGRIM has recently released two EPs; "Nothing, Bare" and "A Premature Slaughter, In An Age of Torment" in April 2013. Both albums are now available for free download off of their bandcamp. Here’s a talk with Åleksånder, on behalf of MAUGRIM. 

Hail.. who's it and how are you?

Maugrim currently consists of myself, Åleksånder, and Élan O'Neal.

Tell us the history of Maugrim in brief?

Originally Maugrim formed in 2008, a one-man project that created string based fantasy ambient. If you want to go looking for the album, don't. it's fucking horrible.

Shortly after it shifted to a more dark ambient sound, and then Élan was asked to become a member around this time. 

After re-adjusting, the focus was taken from ambient to the whole "atmospheric depressive black metal" sound. 

Elisha Mullins joined on for the role of lead guitars on Nothing, Bare and A Premature Slaughter.  But later left due to his role in the progressive death metal band, The Burial. We filled the role with Nuallán, as he was one of the live musicians for our show.  But due to other priorities, he left before we managed to get new material done.  

Currently, Garry Brents from Cara Neir will be joining us as a session member on the new material taking care of leads and bass.

How do you describe your music; genre and influences?

Musically, I think it's easiest to describe it as harsh, unforgiving, and bone-chilling. It contains a lot of ugly passages, but a lot of heart-felt passionate scenes that play out through various songs. It grips you and holds on tight, especially the stuff we are currently tracking. 

Tell us everything about your release "Nothing, Bare"?

Nothing, Bare was originally recorded in 2011, and was the product of just coming out of emotional trauma.  It's raw. Pretty lo-fi. Not for everyone, certainly.

"Nothing, Bare"
1. Nothing, Bare - 5:11
2. An Endless Shiver - 4:26
3. Isolate Me - 2:38
4. Damned to Wander - 3:55
5. Lethargic Choir - 8:28

Tell us everything about your release "A Premature Slaughter, In An Age of Torment"?

A Premature Slaughter, In An Age of Torment was actually originally recorded first, in 2010, but didn't see a release til late 2012, after Nothing, Bare. This one, in my opinion is more atmospheric than depressive, and showcases different areas the future will cover. 

"A Premature Slaughter, In An Age of Torment"
1. In the Depths, Decaying at Sea - 3:19
2. A Premature Slaughter, In An Age of Torment - 5:51
3. Beneath the Pillars, I Seek Rest - 2:57
4. This Is My Coffin, My Place of Rest - 4:45

What were your lyrics mostly talk about?

Lyrics are a big part of Maugrim. Each release has been sort of different, though. The stuff on A Premature Slaughter was more nature-based, but still talking about struggling emotions. Nothing, Bare on the other hand was more about sorrow, and searching for something that turned out to never be there. The newer material will be about mystery, depression, sorrow, regret, and wonder.

What will you say about Burzum, and the latest act of Varg Vikernes?

As far as Burzum goes, personally, I love his prison albums, and most everything he did before prison. Everything after that just didn't peak my interest. Regarding his latest act, last I heard he wasn't guilty of doing anything, though I the charges he was originally pressed with certainly seem like something he would do, given past statements made.  

How's the current Black Metal scene in your area?

My current area? It's non-existant. As far as I know, Maugrim is the only one. Élan's current area, however, is quite fruitful.

Last words please!

We just ask that everyone go check our music out on our bandcamp, as it is available for free download, please spread it around as much as possible, and come support us on the facebook page. And lastly, keep an open eye for the new material, it is going to be heart-wrenching material, drawing influence from all over the place.

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