2 August 2013

GRAVENEWS: NEFTARAKA - The Blissful Deliverance EP 2013

NEFTARAKA - The Blissful Deliverance CDEP 2013 [EMR010]. Now unleashed, latest curse spell out from the unholy abyss. It's all about death & torment! Enter our darkest realm... Offering 5 tracks of grim, primitive old school Black Metal including special cover from the late Silent Death with their unholy track, "Devouring Judas". Death to all! Tribute to all evil in MAN! Format: Printed CDr with pro printed cover / Limited to 100 copies / Jewel case version. CD Price: RM15. Package: RM35 (exclusive limited t-shirt, button & stickers). Price including postage (Malaysian buyers only). For international buyers, contact us for the shipping rates.


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