1 August 2013

MOLOCH "Abstrakter Wald" released on Metallic Media Records

Now this amazing album of MOLOCH available as professional pro CD. This release incl unreleased rehearsal bonus tracks + unreleased rehearsal piano track “Stille in Mir” (Original live demo was recorded at the last show which was spread to a select few members). Album based on the field recordings that were made in Winter 2010 at close live ritual MOLOCH with Saturn Form Essence, Gjollheimr, Anu and Silver Sphere Moon in Carpathian Mountains with temperature -10/15c. Recorded on analog 2’inch Tape recorder with mic and then re-mastered at Moloch studio. All music are written and recorded by Sergiy Fjodsson. Limited to 1000 copies at Metallic Media Records (Usa).


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