15 August 2013

MURRUM - Satanic Ritual Black Metal from Norwich, Connecticut, United States

Murrum is a Satanic ritual black metal band out of Norwich, CT. Deriving their musical style from bands such as Watain, Marduk, Dissection, and 1349, among others, they weave an unholy tapestry of sound that serves to honor the Black Flame of Knowledge and awaken the chaos within man. 

Murrum started life as a continuation of other projects, and originally consisted of Mörg (vocals/lead guitar), Erebus (rhythm guitar), Mistress (keys), and Kabal (drums) while featuring a style that incorporated more death metal elements. The only surviving recordings from this era of the band can be heard on the Wolves of New England split album, released by Swampkult Production. 

Over time, as Murrum's flame began to burn brighter, many members turned from the path and sought different goals and paths than those that Murrum was meant to walk. The lineup now consists of:

Mörg (vocals / guitar)
Dubh-Faol (guitar)
Heretic (bass / backing vocals)
Abyss (drums and percussion)

The cult is stronger than ever before, and Murrum marches forward into the future! Behold, all ye nations, and despair!

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