5 August 2013

FILSUFATIA - Malaysian Atmospheric Melancholic Black Metal

Filsufatia is a Malaysian one man Atmospheric Melancholic Black Metal band. The band was formed in 2005 and have been constantly releasing demos ever since.

2005 - Filsufatia was formed by Deep, as his one man bedroom band project, back in the University. In its earlier form, the band played black metal with heavy hints of industrial and experimental elements. The first song ever recorded by the band was a song called Torchbearer. The song never saw the light of day.

2006 - The first demo, in the form of The Euphony of Regression, was released. The digital release contained 4 songs. The industrial elements were still very much heavy and evident. The demo was well received by the local metal community as as a breath of something different.

2007 - The second demo was released. Tahyul (Malay for superstition) contained 6 songs. The industrial and experimental elements were laid to rest in favor of a more melodic, symphonic and groove laden Black Metal. Influences of Eastern Metal (Scandinavian black/death metal with a local Malayan twist) is particularly rampant with this demo. 

2008 - The third demo, Myan Luradh, was released. Myan Luradh (Darul Naim backwards) was released as an ode to Deep's birthplace, Kelantan Darul Naim, a state located on the east coast of West Malaysia. The demo contains 7 songs including a cover version of Meditation Embun Pagi, a song from a local Eastern Metal God, As Sahar. Filsufatia also released The Black Orchestra single.

2009 - The fourth demo, Immortalis, was released marking the end of the band's symphonic black metal venture. After being mesmerized by bands in the likes of Thy Light and Cold World, Deep began his flirts with the more obscure music of Suicidal Depressive Black Metal. Immortalis, while not necessarily a pure DBM release, the elements have already been incorporated. The demo was released by a local label called Carnage Music as a professional release.

2010 - Filsufatia briefly changed its moniker to Deep and released a demo called In Silence Somber Solace which was also released as a split with another band called Animist by another local label, Hellkult Propaganda. The Deep moniker was dropped and Filsufatia was again used. In Silence Somber Solace was rereleased under the Filsufatia moniker with a new title called Echoes of the Yonder.

2011 - The sixth demo, Buried Beneath & Forgotten, was released and was well received by the metal community world wide. The demo contains 3 songs amalgamating groove and melancholic atmosphere.

2012 - The seventh demo, most probably the most ambitious Filsufatia demo of all, was released in the form of Melancholia A Burden Too Much To Bear. The demo contains 8 songs with an intro and an outro received high praises from the Metal community.

2013 - Filsufatia collaborated with Twilight Fauna and released Fallen Leaves In A Tide of Sorrow Split. The split was released as a digital release before it was picked up by a label called Spectrelight to be released physically via cassette format. The eighth demo has yet to see the light of day.

Deep - All instruments and programmings.

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