18 August 2013

HEX MORBIDITY - Unholy & Bloodthirsty Black/Death Metal from the United Kingdom!

The United Kingdom’s Hex Morbidity was born on January 1st 2013 by guitarist and vocalist Jarod Lawley (15). He teamed up with ex drummer of Future Shock Lloyd Thomas and set about writing material and rehearsing often as a two piece, still on the lookout for a bassist to complete the live line-up. Several months later, that bassist was found in the form of Chris Davies (15), and the band began to prepare for a recording session. Unfortunately, during this session it became apparent to Jarod, who was also producing at the time, that Lloyd was not suited to the position, and he was exited from the band. Lawley stepped up to the drumming position himself, and completed the recording of what became their 2013 demo, Evangelical. A replacement on the drum throne is still required.

Hex Morbidity plays a sinister combination of old school black and death metal, with proto-extreme thrash influences spilling into the mix aswell. Jarod wanted to create a band that did the old sound justice, whilst offering something new to the scene at the same time, and with an explosion of bands play¬ing with a like-minded approach in recent years, he felt the time was right to pursue Hex Morbidity. Lyrically, the band is varied, with themes of religion, political issues and mass control. Plans for the future include themes of occult history and psychology.

As current, the band has their demo CD out, entitled Evangelical, which is limited to 50 copies, but will be repressed if it sells out. They’re currently seeking a record label to release either an EP, split release or a full length album, and magazines and websites for interview/reviews.

Evangelical demo released on the 20th August 2013. 50 CD copies.

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